Why is it painful being alone for men and how can they combat it?

For men, a woman’s companionship is vital. You must have seen; a widow can compose herself better than a widower. A man becomes dependent on his spouse for everything, sometimes even for finding his socks early morning. So when he loses this special someone or is divorced, he can’t take it as gracefully as a woman. But that’s how they are made; the book says, ‘Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.’

So here are some ways how men can defeat this situation of loneliness and helplessness:

  • Set out on vacation – Leave everything aside, even if you have kids; just tell someone to take care of them, your mom or sister, and just set out. If you can’t decide, tell someone else to book the tickets for you, wherever they want to send you; as long as you are out of your home, where your partner’s memories linger, you’ll be better off, take our word for it.
  • Hang out with friends – Men like hanging out with friends over a tennis match with glasses and glasses of beer. So do what your heart desires, and don’t think about anyone else’s feelings; if you feel right and good doing a certain activity, go for it. No need to think about the whole world. Do they cry with you when you cry alone every night? No, then do your thing.
  • Engage yourself in a hobby of some kind – If learning guitar was a long-time dream for which you didn’t get time until now, it may sound funny, but go for it; it might be the right time. Anything which helps your mind from thinking about your loss and the current situation is an excellent solution to becoming happy, so go for it.
  • Stir your inner self – Think about what went wrong in your relationship, if it’s a breakup or divorce, and see how you can improve before getting involved in another relationship so that it doesn’t end up the same way. Introspect your inner self and see where you need to improve, too, as it’s not always the other person’s fault; somewhere, you might have also been wrong; hence your relationship became a mess and ended this way.
  • Hit the gym – Exercise is the best way to relax. Now you might ask, How is that possible? Exercise is so strenuous, yes it is, of course, but it’ll divert your mind and keep it focused on something else, like bodybuilding, making your muscles, etc. It’ll change your direction of focus from something tragic to something constructive.
  • Clean-up – It’s a good time to clean up your apartment or home and do some good deeds in return. Give away clothes or items you don’t require to a shelter or people who genuinely require them, and you will indeed be blessed.

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