Why Every Couple Should Try Mutual Masturbation

Having trust in your partner and feeling comfortable are the most important aspects of any healthy relationship. This is especially the case when we’re talking about a sexual relationship. In order to enjoy good sex, feeling comfortable and trusted is essential. Luckily, in most cases, it comes naturally to feel comfortable and trusted when you’re in a healthy relationship. The real problem most people have, however, is feeling comfortable with their own body; something that indirectly also may affect your sex life. Luckily, there are many simple (and fun) ways to improve your self-confidence when it comes to your body and sex. The most fun and effective of which is mutual masturbation! So, instead of playing yourself alone with a realistic dildo while watching some erotic videos, why not share this moment with your partner? Below, we have listed down the what, how, when, and why of masturbating in front of your partner.

What is Mutual Masturbation

Most of you might be wondering, what is mutual masturbation? Well, as the name already suggests, mutual masturbation is the act of masturbating together with or in front of your partner. Whether it’s just one of you masturbating and the other watching, or both of you are playing yourself at the same time – it all counts as mutual masturbation.

Mutual masturbation may sound simple but the truth is that it’s not that easy for most people. After all, most of us have only masturbated in privacy before and sharing this moment with a partner may, at first, seem a little bit awkward. The truth is, however, that after you have given it a try, you’ll come to realize how exciting it really can be! So, try to cross your personal boundaries and experience all the benefits mutual masturbation brings along.

Benefits of Mutual Masturbation

When people hear for the first time about mutual masturbation, it’s not uncommon for them to think ‘’Why would anybody do this?!’’. The truth is, however, that mutual masturbation is fun and super hot. However, these sexy reasons alone do not always seem to be enough for people to change their minds. This is why we have listed down below a list of other reasons why you and your partner really should try mutual masturbation.

  1. Mutual masturbation truly spices up your relationship and sex life. This fun game can be used both as foreplay and after play just like regular fingering or oral sex can. Touching yourself in front of your partner is exciting and guaranteed to set the right mood for a sexy night ahead.
  2. Trying mutual masturbation makes you feel more familiar with exhibitionism and role-playing games. Although most of us do not think that the picture of ourselves masturbating is sexy, you have to understand that, if your partner really is into you, he or she will love it! The simple truth is that playing yourself in front of your partner is hot.
  3. By playing yourself in front of your partner, you give him or her the chance to observe how you touch yourself. This allows your partner to find out how you like to be touched. By getting to know your sweet spots, your partner will then be able to apply them the next time he’s playing you. This will result in better sex and masturbation for both you and your partner!
  4. Mutual masturbation increases trust and allows you to feel more comfortable in front of your partner. It furthermore removes the barrier of playing yourself in front of your partner when he is simply not in the mood one night. When you’re living together, chances are high that one day your partner simply doesn’t feel like having sex. When you’re used to mutual masturbation, this situation doesn’t have to be a reason anymore for you not to have some fun by yourself.
  5. Last but not least, did we already mention how hot mutual masturbation is? Hm, we did? Well, just to make it clear once again, playing yourself in front of your partner is extremely hot and exciting! Whether you use your hands or one of the latest sex toys for women or men, mutual masturbation is going to be one of the most exciting things you’ll try with your partner!

How to Propose Mutual Masturbation to Your Partner

Although trying something new may be exciting, the act of introducing this new idea to your partner can be scary. This is especially true when you and your partner do not know each other that well or when you’re not quite sure how he will react to your proposal. If you’re shy and don’t dare to propose the idea in person, the easiest way to introduce mutual masturbation to your partner is by sharing an article with him like this one. This allows him to get familiar with the idea of mutual masturbation in private.

Naturally, there also are more exciting and kinky ways to introduce mutual masturbation into your relationship. For instance, you can tease your partner by playing his body after which you teasingly ask him to take over from you and let him play himself while you watch. Or, you can simply ask your partner to show you how he likes to touch himself so that you can learn a thing or two about how to please him better. There are plenty of easy yet exciting ways to introduce mutual masturbation into the bedroom. How and when you do it depends on your personality and on the way in which you personally feel most comfortable. But no matter how you do it, believe us when we say, mutual masturbation is going to be one of the most exciting things you do with the person you love!