Why are dating apps bad for you?

At first glance the matter seems even utopian – you write with whom you want to go online, then you date, then (if everything goes well) you become a couple. Fast, simple and pleasant, right? Unfortunately, it always seems to be a good idea, and the truth is often completely different. So why dating through apps is not a good idea?

Excessive choice

There’s no denying that often the first thing that can hurt you is the enormous choice. Here you see one or another girl on the tinder, then you jump on a tinder to have quick sex, and then you finally don’t know what is what, because you got caught up in a whirl of quick dating. On the other hand, it can be even worse, because if you are not a good-looking girl, you have little chance that anyone will notice you.

The shallowness of a conversation

Most people on these applications are even shallow because they always look only at themselves, because love is secondary. No wonder these people can no longer hold someone with someone because they never look at what is really necessary – after all, love is nothing but a compromise between yourself and your partner, not just thinking about yourself. You basically canít go on looking at porn and have the same sex with your partner, because you need to make a choice. Egoism is usually nothing but fast sex with a few or a dozen partners, and after all, it is not difficult to have a child these days…

No physical contact

Lack of physical contact is often a very big shortcoming of such applications, because it makes the conversation very delicate and can end at any time because of the whim of this or that person. In this case, men are the worst because women can talk to several people at any time, which in fact puts men on the edge of the spectrum on such applications. Nevertheless, due to the pandemic this is currently the only option for dating. Therefore, although the Internet is not the best option for dating, it is always worth trying, because in the end now you have no other option. Well, there is another one, but looking at redtube sex videos is not really an strategy, that will hold up to the standards of time, isnít it?

No meetings

What does this have to do with dating applications? Well, it is a hypothetical solution to this problem. Of course, most group meetings are cancelled so don’t be surprised if you gather a group of friends somewhere to meet and it won’t happen. It’s hard to find a place where you can meet someone freely, so don’t expect a good opportunity to meet someone special while the pandemic continues to spread. It will certainly be easier to find partners after the pandemic, because people will be very eager to build relationships, not to mention contacts with other people. So if you are not now under pressure to do so, you can wait a while and try again after the pandemic.