Who are escort boys?

Before discussing anything else about these guys we should discuss all the facts about escort boys. The questions should be raised like who these guys are? What are their jobs?  Are they valid in our society? And who pay them for being the same.

So the answer for these questions is not very much tricky and complicated. As we all aware about female prostitutes who help stressed out people to come out from their stress and lead them to live a happy and stress free life.

It is defined as a male prostitute who helps those ladies who are not satisfied and happy with their lives. The very second question which is raised related to them is what their jobs and the answer are is the main job of an escort boy is to please their client with their excellence and their experience. 

Are these guys valid in our society?

The third question about their valid existence in our society should be raised and the answer we get is yes they are valid just like female prostitute. 

Who pay to an escort boy?

The answer of this question is a female client by whom he got hired pay him for his excellent job.

These boys are easily available in our society online and offline too. They have a set up which help them to be connected with their clients easily. They earn money with their excellence of job. They please those women who are actually bored in their lives on daily basis.

Who led these boys to be escort boys?

Apart from these facts the major point to be discussed is why a normal boy becomes male prostitute?  So the major factor is poverty, boys who run away from their house due to excess poverty and be rescued by some kind of resorts who convince them to choose this way to earn money without much stress. 

There are lots of things in our society to be discussed which are untouched or we can say that we hesitate to discuss it. But to be very honest if we start discuss our problems frankly we can save lots of males to get into prostitution and help them to live a healthy and peaceful life. Prostitution is allowed in our country but it’s not healthy and safe for someone because lots of sexual issues will be developed in their bodies.