What to talk with a girl

Talk to a girl

Now we understand that the phrases for winning over a girl are unnecessary. At this point, the problem is knowing what topics to discuss with one, and where to lead the conversation and thereby eliminate the anxiety of being alone for hours with her. Keep in mind that women often don’t advise you at all to make the meeting less awkward, they respond in monosyllables, and you have to get the words out of her mouth.

Let’s see some topics that may be interesting in toprencontreseniors:

  • do you travel
  • passions,
  • dreams in the drawer,
  • animals,

As you can see, these are all very diverse topics, which allow you to chat for hours and walk around with your imagination, which makes you an interesting man who not only thinks about football but has many passions to share.

They also give her the opportunity to talk about herself, her projects, her dreams she wants to achieve or places she wants to visit. This way, you can with little effort accumulate as much information as possible on his account. But at this point comes the third secret to talking to a girl: knowing how to listen.

Don’t think about the phrases for having a daughter. Listen to it!

I’ve talked about it a few times but the fundamental secret to winning over a girl is to listen to her. I understand that for many men it is difficult to focus on his words (which often turn out to be absurd), to follow his mental handjobs and his false female problems, but knowing how to listen is a technique of seduction that the earlier one learns, the better. Join unerencontreserieuse.com.

In addition, if you listen and ask the right questions, you avoid having to always talk to yourself, you are a person able to listen, and therefore understand, women and you will have time to better understand who you are in front of you. .

This includes reading her body language, the signals of interest she is sending, and understanding if she is attracted to you or if she is eager to get home.