Top Nighttime Activities in Sydney

Whenever you visit a new city, you want to go through as many adventures as possible. You’re simply drawn to new experiences because each travel destination is like living an entirely new life. When you travel you’re open to talking to new people, trying new cuisine, exploring the city by day and during the night. If you plan on visiting Sydney anytime soon, you probably know what you’ll visit during the day. Here we’ll focus on nighttime activities Sydney is famous for that will add sizzle to your life.

A nighttime cruise

If you’ve spent the entire day walking around and soaking in beautiful sights like Bondi to Coogee coastal walk or Sydney Opera House, you’ll want to relax. A nighttime cruise is a great way to explore Sydney at night without it being so exhausting. There are different cruises available so look for those which start right before sunset, so you’ll get the chance to view beautiful sunsets and take pictures for your Instagram feed. These cruises also have great bar lounges, live music, cocktails and anything else you might need to feel nice and comfy.

Explore the haunted side of Sydney

If you’re not easily scared and would like to try a perfect adventure, you might want to try a ghost walking tour. Sydney has many stories to tell to those who are willing to listen. Experienced tour guides will walk you through a so-called haunted part of Sydney. You can learn about Sydney’s early days by joining a The Rocks district ghost walking tour. Be prepared to take a walk down mysterious streets, alleys and tunnels.

Try a pub crawl

A pub crawl is a great way to experience Sydney’s nightlife. You’ll get to try different drinks, meet new people, hang out with other tourists and look at some of the most popular locations at night. You can do a pub crawl on your own by making a list of the must-visit pubs in Sydney. Or, you can join a preorganised pub crawl like a Darling Harbour Pub Crawl or a Secret Bar Pub crawl. Not only will you get a chance to visit three or four different pubs, but you’ll also learn about their history and their origin story.

….and finish the night in another popular nighttime location

Pub crawls are fun enough, but if you want to try something else besides pubs and clubs, you can also visit another popular nighttime location. Sydney is known for its rich nightlife culture and popular Sydney brothels are on that list as well. You can choose from several licenced facilities and experience a touch of luxury. You can look up popular Sydney brothels online, get to know their working hours and pick one that suits your taste.

Look at the stars at the Sydney Observatory

If you’re into stars, galaxies and would like to take a closer look at the Sydney starry sky, the Sydney Observatory should be on your to-do list. This is a unique chance to look at the southern sky and explore constellations. The night tours usually have to be booked in advance so make sure to do that.

Go to the iconic Luna Park

This might be an ideal nighttime activity for travellers with kids. Everyone loves to try fun activities at a Luna park, but this one is not your typical amusement park. Sydney’s popular attraction was built in  1935 so it‘s considered a heritage location. Even though you can visit it during the day, try going to Luna Park at night because the lights will light up the sky and it’s far more beautiful and interesting.

Go to the Zoo

Yes, you’ve read this right – you can visit the zoo at night. If you’ve been wondering how animals behave at night or you’re interested in seeing nocturnal animals, you can do that in Sydney. There’s an activity called Roar & Snore, where you get a chance to sleep at the zoo and observe animals at night. You’ll get to sleep in safari tents so it will feel like camping in the wild.

Climb a bridge in Sydney

Bridge climbing activity is perfect for thrill-seekers and adrenaline lovers. Especially if you choose to climb the Sydney Bridge at night, you’ll have the experience of your life. While it may be interesting to try during the day, the nighttime sounds more magical because of all the light and beautiful sights.

Here are some of the typical and not so typical things you can try on your next visit to Sydney. Each one of these activities is unique and worth trying.