The Smart Options for the Sex Games for You

Our grandmothers used to say that their marriages lasted so long over time because they were used to “repairing” things and not trashing them like we do in today’s society. This also happens due to sexual desire, keeping it alive these days are almost an art that enhances our senses, involving them in a harmonious whole that awakens passion and excitement. Let’s try to think of the sight of a loved one, of his body, of his forms, of his tastes and smells, of running his fingers over his body, listening to the sound of his voice, of his moans of pleasure.

What is this if not the prelude to sexual excitement?

Through the senses our sensations pass which have a central role in the encounter with the other: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste are fully part of the sexual sphere, they combine to create that crescendo of pleasure whose apex is the ‘orgasm. To achieve a satisfying intimacy of a couple, we eliminate the idea of ​​perfect performance and / or ideal “measures”, but we begin to think of an alchemy made up of looks, perfumes, caresses, and flavors! Often some elements escape us, but on closer inspection making love is not a mechanical act, everyone is involved with every part of himself. Let’s try to focus on each one individually. Then there are the Continue also with the smart tint of eroticism.

The sight

It is the first sense involved during a sexual relationship, it is what triggers desire, especially in men, because it gives life to the erotic imagination. It is precisely from this sense that many men derive maximum pleasure. Visual contact is therefore fundamental and essential for satisfying intimacy, even in the phase of seduction the gaze plays a fundamental role. The sight is perhaps one of the senses that we use more, perhaps without even realizing it, even if many people make love in extinguished lights or close their eyes. But watching and being watched can be particularly challenging.

The sense of smell

It is the sense that is used most in the animal world and is considered as the “sexual appeal of men”. It is, in effect, through the odors that the excitation mechanism is activated in the brain. It is thanks to the sense of smell that the olfactory alchemy can be triggered between the partners and it is thanks to the sense of smell that the passion can be ignited. The smell is perceived without the mediation of rationality, it is therefore perfect to fix memories related to emotion and to ignite the most ancestral passion. The scent of sex is a powerful aphrodisiac.

The taste

It is said that it somehow anticipates sex. Taste is the sense through which we “better” taste intimacy, we can “taste, savor” the partner first of all with the kiss that not only allows us to discover unexpected tastes, but also to stimulate the other. The kiss is therefore the “testimonial” of this sense, a true source of intimate pleasure, the act that ignites desire: saliva is rich in testosterone, the male hormone that enhances sexual desire, therefore the exchange through the kiss stimulates the taste buds, sending exciting messages to the brain.