The important things that couple seeking a woman should know

If you are a couple seeking a woman, then you might have already realized that it isn’t as easy as it seems. When you are looking to fulfill that threesome fantasy, you need a woman that understands what is expected from her. In this article, we will look at the things that you should know, as a couple, when seeking a woman. By the end, you should be able to find a woman that can suit the different Edinburgh Escorts wants and needs.

  1. Men are the key

When you are a couple looking for woman, you need to understand that the men are the key. The man should make the other woman feel comfortable and safe. Understand that you are looking for a woman who can fulfill your sexual needs and desires. To get the best experience, the other woman needs to feel respected, valued, and safe. The man, therefore, has to ensure that both you and the other woman feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Ask the other what the bottom line is

It is essential to establish clear boundaries when seeking a woman & couple looking for a unicorn. As stated earlier, the other woman needs to feel respected and valued. You must, therefore, start by asking her what the bottom line is. It would help if you established where she draws the line and whether it is sufficient for you. What you might consider as reasonable might be way beyond the other woman’s sexual boundaries. Establishing boundaries also ensures that everyone knows what they are getting. You will have a clear picture of everything that is expected before you start. It is also essential to establish a safe-word that ensures everyone is comfortable.

  1. Join the best sites for couples looking for threesome

There are several sites that you can join when you are a couple seeking a woman. However, why not join the best sites in the market to ensure that you get all your desires fulfilled. Below is a quick rundown of the best sites for couples seeking threesome?

  • Bicupid

One of the most effective threesome dating sites is Bicupid, because it not only a bisexual dating site and it is usable for bi singles & couples to look for threesome. You will easily connect with bi women, bi-curious, bi couples, and threesome finder. The open dating platform makes it quick and easy for couples to find a woman.

  • Adult Friend Finder

Also known as AFF, Adult Friend Finder, is among the top swinger and hookup websites. Having been established in 1996, it gives you access to millions of members. The threesome hookup feature will ensure that you quickly find the perfect match.

This is a great unicorn website that caters to single women and open-minded couples that are trying to find a threesome. The unicorn site features more than 40 million high-quality threesome finders making it a great choice.

  • Swap Finder

There is a large and open world of swinger singles and couples available on the Swap Finder site. You get to connect with more than 8000 million members. You can quickly find that perfect woman to fulfill your sexual needs.

It is an excellent choice when you are a couple looking to find a threesome date. It is a large adult dating site that caters to the need of couple looking for women.


Ensure that you create an honest and straight forward profile on these threesome sites. Be clear and precise on what you need and expect from the other woman.