The Best Guide to Medical Sex Toys

If you believe which sex toys are primarily made up of these vibrators and dildos, you are mistaken. Medical sex toys from Adult Sex Toys City may be particularly intriguing to people in bondage and fetish activities. The following are the most common medical sex toys:

The Wheel of Wartenberg

The Wartenberg Wheel is a pinwheel with a handle for rolling across the skin. These instruments are available in various styles, ranging from mild to severe, depending on the number of spikes on the wheels and the number of pinwheels built-in.

Sounds of the Urethra

A urethral sound is a device designed specifically for guys. It’s a metal-stemmed tool that you place into your penis to feel both pleasure and discomfort simultaneously. Urethral sounds may be pushed as deep into the penis as the pleasure/pain threshold will allow up to a width of 17mm.


Speculums, which may be used for vaginal or anal usage, are constructed of metal or plastic and allows the anus or even vagina to be prized.

Douche #4: Intimate

A douche is a unisex gadget that utilizes water to wash the anal or vaginal regions delightfully and functionally. Douches come with one or more attachments, the number of holes on which regulate how much water will flow into the intimate area of choice. A stronger douche may be achieved using an aluminum douche that screws into the showerhead.

Pumps for breasts

Depending on the size of the pump, the end of the cup goes around the nipple and breast. This is illuminated with a bulb. Squeeze the bulb to draw air out of the region around the nipple and breast, momentarily lengthening the nipple and heightening feelings in the area.

Squirt of Glycerine

Metal glycerine squirts may deposit up to 200 centiliters of fluid through various nozzle ends into the penis, vagina, or anus. Using this medical adult toy may provide you with several new sexual sensations.

Skin Roller Torture


The ultimate torture instrument is the torture skin roller. A skin roller with spikes on its outer surface is attached to a durable rubber grip handle. Press softly on the skin to provide a tingling feeling or forcefully cause significant discomfort and blood loss.

Irrigators for Medical Use

Medial irrigators, made of synthetic materials, allow people to get colonic irrigation at a fraction of the expense of going to a clinic specializing in it. A jug or bag (for the water), along a pipe, a tap to regulate the flow of water, and an attachment that fits onto the end of the pipe punctured with holes are the most common components.


A stethoscope is more often linked with bedroom role play, but it may also be helpful if you’re dressing up as a doctor or nurse for a fancy dress party and don’t have one with you. Like other sex toys, medical adult toys are meant to be enjoyed by consenting adults alone.