Textured Condoms: Do They Really Make a Difference?

Gone are the days when our choice of condoms was pretty much determined by what was on the shelf at the local pharmacy or supermarket. These days, there’s an endless array of condoms to choose from, in a variety of materials, colours, flavours and even textures!

But how do textured condoms actually work, and are they really worth the extra couple bucks?

Let’s start by establishing that textured condoms deliver on all the same purposes that we buy standard condoms for – they drastically reduce the chances of pregnancy, as well as transmission of STD’s. However, there’s a key difference – textured condoms are designed to deliver increased pleasure by stimulating sensitive nerve endings during sex.

And yes, this is backed by science. The key word here is “friction”.

Ribbed condoms vs. dotted condoms

Whether ribbed or dotted; textured condoms can stimulate nerve endings both inside the vagina as well as the exterior of the vulva. The kind of stimulation, and the resulting sensations, ultimately depends on whether you opt for dotted or ribbed.

Just like ribbed toys makes it enjoyable by increasing stimulation against the walls of the vagina or anal lining, ribbed condoms works with the thrusting and rubbing motion of penetrative sex to delight nerve endings.

As for dotted condoms, these designs feature hundreds of tiny studs along the entire shaft of the condom, delivering intense pleasure to both parties’ sensitive nerve endings (both inside and outside the body).

Lots of lube is recommended

It should go without saying that if you plan to incorporate these fun accessories into your bedtime play, it’s important to apply lots of lubricant (water-based, as oil-based lube can deteriorate latex condoms!). This will ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience for both yourself and your partner.

Ready to give it a try?

All in all, textured condoms come down to a matter of preference. Some people see huge benefit in using them, while others not so much. It’s certainly worth stocking up on a few for your bedside drawer and trying them out next time you’re feeling “erotically charged”!