Sex addiction is one of the most painful situations for a person psychologically. Any addiction is psychologically distressing and that is also the case with sex addiction.

Nobody really talks about sex addiction but it is a serious condition that needs serious treatment. But seeking help for sex addiction is not really common or popular and it is a taboo subject for a lot of addicts. 

We are going to talk about the first steps to prevent or reduce sex addiction symptoms. While we are not going to talk about sex addiction causes or even the types of sex addicts but we are definitely going to talk about recovery.

We are going to talk about a few simple sex addiction recovery steps that will help you improve your life and get out of this cycle of pain. 

So, let us look at overcoming sexual compulsivity and let us find out the first simple steps to stop sex addiction.



Sex addiction support is only possible if the sex addict understands that they have a problem. It is just like quitting smoking because if the smoker does not understand they have a problem they will never try to find the solution.

That is why in order to understand that you have a problem you can do a couple of things. You need to diagnose your addiction with a few questions and observations. 

If you feel like you are having too much sex whether it is with a single person or different people then you need to do some research. 

You need to find out what is the normal rate of sex for any person and if you find out that you exceed that by a lot then you are a sex addict.  

If you find that sex is standing between your happiness in life and is stopping you from succeeding in life then you have a problem in your hands. 


Now that you know you have a problem, you need to confirm it. Self-awareness in sex addiction is very important and there are a lot of ways to do it.

You need to find out if you are having too much sex and you need to realise if sex is the only thing on your mind. Then you need to read a lot about sex addiction. 

One of the other things you can do is simply open YouTube and listen to interviews with sex addicts. It can be in the form of podcasts or it can be something of a documentary project.

The primary thing to do is to simply listen to other sex addicts and if you find it relatable then you can confirm that you have a problem. 


Now that you know you have a problem and now that you actually understand your problem well enough to describe it to others, you need to do this. 

You need to seek professional medical help and that can be in the form of a therapist. If you are facing sex addiction with your partner then you can go to couples therapy or regular sex therapy will do too.

However, it is also okay to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist and just tell them everything you feel about your situation.

These medical professionals will guide you towards the right direction and introduce you to different types of therapy and different types of treatment programs. 


One of the best things you can do is to find support groups. These are groups with people having the same condition as you.

There are alcoholism support groups and abuse support groups as well as sex addiction support groups. You can find the right group on Facebook.

You can also find these groups if you join any community that deals with sexual addiction.

You should visit your support group regularly and even talk about your problem and listen to other people talk about their problems.

What this will do is that it will allow you to look at different people at different stages of recovery. You can find someone in a worse situation than you and also in a better situation than you.

This will help you understand the path that is in front of you. 


Addictions are hurdles in your life and they will stop you from succeeding and achieving things.  Addictions will stop you from caring about yourself.

When someone has an addiction, they forget anything else there is in life. That is why self-care is a very good way of recovery.

Self-care can be in the form of eating well or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Self-care can be about working in the morning or doing jogging or any other kind of healthy exercise activity.

Self-care can also be about engaging yourself in something you are passionate about such as art or any other kind of hobby. It can even be about healthy sleeping patterns and meditation. 

That is why if you practice self-care then you are going to give more attention to what you are actually passionate about rather than what your addiction is. 


Triggers are different situations and people are different environments that might trigger you into doing that addiction which in this case is sex.

That is why you need to identify triggers. In the case of sex addiction, triggers can be anything from the environment to people.

Triggers can also be certain things that you do throughout the day that might help you start your sex addiction.

You can research and find out what are the common sex addiction triggers so that you can identify them in your own life.

However, you must do soul-searching yourself in order to find out what gets you started on the addiction. 

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand the first steps to stopping sex addiction in simple but effective ways.  

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