Sex in America: Getting Wilder by the Minute

Vanilla or ordinary sex is now considered tame and sometimes boring. Americans are pushing the boundaries when it comes to sex, exploring what was once regarded as taboo.


Credit must be given to “Fifty Shades of Grey” — both the book and the movie — for bringing bondage to mainstream culture. While not going full Marquis de Sade, Americans are beginning to explore sadomasochistic sex acts and the pleasures of bondage and even a little bit of pain. Domination for both men and women — once ridiculed in movies and other media — is now accepted but not openly spoken of. Americans are going further than leather and spandex, as even male chastity cages and other devices of restraint are getting sold at record highs. The loss of control can be a beautiful experience for a few individuals, while others enjoy the novelty of being dominated or dominating their partner. Bondage can be quite extreme, so make sure that you continually communicate throughout the experience.


Sexy nurses aren’t just for Halloween anymore as roleplaying has become quite common in bedrooms across the U.S. Women imagine simple scenarios like strangers meeting in a bar, while men would have more imaginative scenarios, often including a little bit of power play. Couples usually take their roleplaying beyond the bedroom, playing their chosen scenarios and personas in the outside world for a few short hours. Roleplaying coercion or force can be quite enjoyable for both sides. Men enjoy the feeling of overpowering their partner, while women enjoy being the irresistible object of desire. Of course, everyone should know the rules beforehand, and rough play should be limited as both of you will still be going back to your jobs the next morning.

Dangerous Locations

The fear of getting caught adds a lot of excitement to the sex act. Your adrenaline spikes, making your senses sharper and making time seem to flow a little bit slower. The adrenaline spike and the danger trigger chemicals in your system, making the memory more vivid. Sex in a car or any other public place is a shared fantasy between men and women. Of course, this comes with an associated risk — like jail time and humiliation — but it remains one of the most popular fetishes around. In the age of cellphones and cameras practically everywhere, you might need to plan your trysts or drive a little further to enjoy your shared fantasies.

Sex Toys

Sex toys used to be dark secrets used only in private and kept hidden from everyone. Now, sex toys have become integral in most sexual acts, especially if those involved want to increase their levels of pleasure. Couples use these devices as part of foreplay or even during the sexual act itself. Of course, even with the help of a sexual tool, you should still give your utmost effort to please your partner.

There’s never been a better time to explore your fetishes and desires in sex. People are more open to new sexual experiences, and everything that you need is just a click away.

Meta Title: Americans are Spicing Up their Bedroom Antics

Meta Description: Gone are the days when sex was just sex. Americans are delving deep into sex, exploring acts and scenarios that were once considered taboo.