Real sex doll: Are they lifesaver or evil? Let’s dig into the controversy of the decade

Sex doll, or more popularly known as love doll, isn’t a very “new” thing in the sex industry. These dolls are being sold since the last couple of years and getting increasingly popular among people regardless of their race, profession, social, or relationship status. However, once look like just a glorified version of mannequins you see in the supermarkets, these dolls came a long way to become almost lifelike; hence they are now being called as “real sex doll.” Made from a unique form of silicone with high-tech features, these real sex dolls are capable of giving feel and warmth of a real human. They are so amazingly lifelike in term of look and feel, that they are already considered as replacement of human partner by some of the users, so much so that many people now have started questioning these dolls from the social, ethical and moral aspects. According to some psychologists and social activists who work for woman empowerment, there are few alarming reasons why these dolls possess a threat to society. Let’s see if they are just overly conscious, or is there any real substance.

Love dolls, according to some people, are dehumanizing women in a man’s eyes. People who are buying and using these dolls for sex, considering women as a mere object which are created for one purpose of giving sexual pleasure to the men only, instead of an “equal” human being. It’s not like women weren’t being objectified before the invention of the sex doll, but it’s encouraging the mindset even more. Moreover, most of these dolls also look like child or very young, which is very disturbing to think in this world with a growing number of pedophiles every year. A recent study has shown that widespread usage of love dolls can contribute to the increasing numbers of sexual assault and harassment and even rape. Now, these are some serious allegations; hence, we decided to talk with a leading sex doll store to know the other side of the story.

We asked the same questions to the spokesperson of the leading sex doll store, yourdoll, and he seems to have a completely different take on the issue. In his own words, “do you really think only the pervert people are buying these dolls? That’s further from the truth.” He said, based on the sales data of last one year, that more than half of the people who are buying these dolls aren’t actually buying them for mere “sex”. There are quite a few reasons people are buying these dolls, and “sex” isn’t the primary one of them, according to him. Some people are just lonely or maybe too busy to involve with a real-life partner, and these dolls are helping them by giving a feel of having somebody on their bed and preventing them from entering the full-fledged depressed mode. Some guys have some awkward sexual fantasies, and their partners are not ready for such “kinky” things may be, and these dolls are helping to maintain and strengthen the relationship. And one must not forget, these dolls can be considered like a “safety valve” where a man won’t need a human partner for some urgent “need,” thus can help in decreasing the unfortunate incidents of sexual assaults and fatal STDs like AIDS.

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It’s up to you that which side of the argument you think is more logical. For us, both sound equally convincing, and at the end of the day, it depends on the end user who is using a real sex doll.