Today we are going to talk about something that a lot of people do not know or do not talk about. We are going to talk about oral sex protection and safer oral sex practices. 

We are specifically going to talk about barrier methods for oral sex. 

So, you might know that if you want to have safe sex then you need condoms and that is exactly why if you want safe oral sex, you might need condoms for oral sex.

But are there condoms for oral sex? Yes, and they are called dental dams.  

Dental dams are condoms for oral sex or rather barriers that act like condoms and serve the same function during oral sex. 


Dental dams probably have the simplest shapes and they are usually just a square piece of latex or polyurethane that is very thin. They are usually 6 inches by 6 inches and are very stretchable. 

They work in a very simple way as dental dams simply act as a barrier between the vagina and the mouth.  This prevents the transfer of different fluids.  

If you stop the transfer of bodily fluids, you can also stop things like sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

While dental dams are not well known as condoms but they help you maintain excellent oral sex hygiene and they are very good for oral sex and HIV prevention. 

However, they are not nearly as popular as condoms although they are just as good or even better at doing what they do.

You can never really find dental dams in a place where you can find condoms. They are mostly available online because no shops carry them as they are not popular.

There might be many reasons for this but one of the reasons is bad marketing.

Dental dams have been around for decades now but have never gone up in popularity. However, we should encourage the use of dental dams because they are so good at what they do and that is to prevent infections and the spread of deadly viruses. 

Let us now look at why dental dams are excellent for safe oral sex. 




We all know the health risks of unprotected oral sex as it can lead to the transfer of different kinds of viruses. 

One of the most important reasons why people use dental dams is that it is excellent for preventing bodily fluids from being exchanged. 

This means that if the female has any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), then it will not get transferred to the male and likewise if the male is infected then it will not get transferred to the female.

Dental dams can protect people from everything including HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia etc. 

That is why if you read any of the modern safe oral sex tips you are definitely going to find dental dams in that list because they do the best job of protecting people from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. 



One of the other reasons why dental dams are so good is that they are very easy to use. When we talk about ease of use even condoms have a little bit of a learning curve, even contraceptive pills need understanding.

However, when we talk about dental dams, they are just square a piece of latex that you lay on the vagina. This means that it does not need a lot of training and a lot of instructions because anyone can do it.

And it is because of this nature of ease of use that it is being promoted all over the world as a very good safe barrier for oral sex, although not very popular. 

When you look for safer sex guidelines for oral activities you will definitely come across dental dams because of the reason for it being so easy to use. 

People are going to adopt new technology and new items that ensure their safety only when that item or technique is easy to use and that is certainly the case with dental dams. 

We are sure they will rise in popularity eventually.



Dental dams are not only good for preventing sexually transmitted diseases but it serves an even more important function. 

When we talk about safer sex guidelines for oral activities, we not only mean that it is safe for the mouth but for the vagina as well. 

Different kinds of oral infections in existence can be quite dangerous. There are things like oral herpes which can be transferred through oral sex.

It might just be the case that the male has oral herpes and they can even transfer it to the female through oral sex. 

That makes it even more dangerous if the female is pregnant because of oral sex and pregnancy risks. 

Dental dams are not only safe for the vagina and the female but are also safe for the male as it is a simple barrier for preventing the transfer of diseases no matter where it comes from or where it goes. 



If you are someone who is very conscious about hygiene and your partner did not get the time to have proper genital hygiene done then dental dams are excellent for you.

You can simply ask your partner to put on a dental dam so that you can have very hygienic sex without cleaning.

If you are someone with latex allergies then you do not need to worry because there are dental dams that are made of polyurethane as well.

And the best thing about dental dams is that they are very easy to dispose just like condoms because you can dispose of them in their own packaging by just folding them and there is not much mess like a condom.

It is overall a very hygienic and safe alternative for people who like to enjoy oral sex. 

We hope this blog has been helpful for you as well as educational for you to understand the importance and the benefits of dental dams. It is essential and responsible to use dental dams.

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