Long distance relationship The rules of survival are these

How many kilometers separate you from your love Here are some tips to make your long-distance love affair run over time and go very far.

Tips for living a love affair from a distance

They say that it is not we who choose Love, but it is Love who chooses for us. Sometimes with a certain (cruel) irony. So, it happens that you and your him are separated by several kilometers (50, 300, 1000, an ocean). But it’s worth it having a long-distance relationship is an experience that can be wonderful and constructive, despite all the hardships that entails.

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Here are some tips to make your long-distance love go really far.

1. Plan your meetings in advance

Living love at a distance is a great sacrifice, which would make no sense if, sooner or later, you did not intend to experience it up close. Put an expiration date on the distance (that was 10 years later), plan your meetings in advance and make plans for the future aiming for a common goal and having milestones along the way will help you face the time you have until your reunion. Join https://www.unerencontremusulmane.com

2. Stay engaged in activities that make you feel good

Being tough and getting lost in the Valley of Melancholy won’t make it any easier. So admit your longing for each other, it will help you feel close and realize that you are not alone to miss each other. But try to limit this time to … 5 minutes An hour a day Give yourself a limit.The rest of the time, live the here and now, devote yourself to activities that satisfy you and that excite you. Above all, remember that a working couple is made up of two independent individuals, whether distant or close.

3. Save and meet as many as you can

You also said we will be together no matter what, and you are satisfied here. Having a long distance relationship is not only incredibly painful and difficult, it is also extremely expensive. So be prepared to waste a fortune on transport, tickets, fuel and, if you decide to meet in neutral territory (it’s a good excuse to travel) also at the hotel. The money you save by forgoing a pair of shoes can then be donated to an unscheduled meeting.

4. Communicate in all ways and talk to each other about everyday life

Communicating will be your good habit in datingappy.com. Do it as much as you can and with whatever means you have, from postcards to social media. If you can, make an appointment. But in addition to sending each other love messages, don’t forget to tell each other about the day, to involve your partner in your daily life, as if you were having dinner together. It is a panacea to strengthen confidence and complicity and to ward off jealousy.

5. Don’t fight on the phone

If you need to discuss something important, put it off until you can deal with it face to face. Not being in front of each other could lead to misunderstandings, and then who knows, letting the time pass might help you deal with the problem more calmly and serenely or maybe not discuss it at all.

6. Do whatever a couple normally does

Always remember weekends are not real weekday life. All the more reason for you. So when you see each other, in addition to enjoying the well-deserved hours of privacy and freedom, try to do daily activities together (shopping, seeing friends …) always looking for intensity and quality of the time you spend together. It will be a great way to test your relationship and learn how to enjoy everyday life.

7. Keep the fire of passion burning

Even from afar, seeing yourself is not so difficult now a webcam is enough. What is really lacking and which for the moment no technology has been able to replace, is physical contact, the pleasure of being together.Sex or cuddling makes little difference. So let go of the embarrassment, release the eroticism and engage in a sex session with words push or hold, sigh or scream, on the phone, in conversation (video) or handwritten on notepaper … the power the imagination will nullify many distances.

8. Surprise yourself

How I would love to take the train and come to you now! . Instead of continuing to say it, at least once, try to do it. Passion will thank you, your love will be stronger. And then it will always be a good anecdote to remember.