Is cuckold a good idea for couples?

Most couples aren’t quite sure whether cuckold dating is a good idea or not. According to several researchers, many couples find cuckolding as a shameful act. To understand if cuckolding is a good idea or not, we must start from the beginning.

Understanding cuckolding

In simple terms, cuckolding is an act whereby a woman or man enjoys watching their partner have sex with a different person. But, wait a minute, where does the term come from? ‘Cuckold’ is a word based on the famous cuckoo bird that disguises its egg in the nests of other birds.

Traditionally, however, ‘cuckold’ was used to describe a husband of an unfaithful wife. During this time, the term cuckold was considered a humiliating label.

Is cuckold a good idea?

Did you know that a third of women and 58 percent of men have cuckolding fetishes? This is according to Lehmiller, the author of ‘tell me what you want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help Improve Your Sex Life.’

Let us take the time to consider the number stated above carefully. What they mean is that there is a high chance that either you or your partner has cuckolding fantasies. Thinking about cuckolding is quite common than you might have imagined at first.

According to Ley, the author of “Insatiable Wives, “the cuckold fantasy has been around since sexuality and marriage was adopted.

The advantage of cuckolding for couples is that it gets to satisfy all the different sexual desires. You can get to customize cuckolding to meet a wide variety of sexual wants and needs. Cuckolding has you covered whether you are looking for novelty, taboo sex, or voyeurism.

Tips for choosing another man for a cuckold

What can cuckolding do for a couple? Did you know that our erotic imaginations have this uncanny ability to turn shame into something delicious? The emotions of seeing your partner have sex with a different person can be a significant turn on. You can, therefore, turn this turn-on into that spark that your relationship needs.

We have to admit that relationships can hit a slump from time to time. It is quite reasonable to feel as though the sexual energy is fading away. You have to ignite the desire though different fantasies to ensure that your relationship survives. Cuckolding might be the answer that you, as a couple, have been looking for all this time.

The impact of cuckolding on relationships

According to research, cuckolding is a positive behavior and fantasy. Contrary to what most people think, cuckolding is not evidence of an unhealthy relationship or disturbance. Cuckolding doesn’t mean that any of the partners disregard the other.

Once you can agree as a couple to explore your cuckolding fantasies, then there is no shame or disrespect. Fulfilling sexual desires is an excellent way of ensuring that you build a healthy relationship.


Although cuckolding can be a great idea for couples, it is not designed for everyone who is interested in couple looking for a third. Cuckolding can be a negative experience for individuals with abandonment issues or relationship anxieties. What this means is that not every couple can survive cuckolding.