How to Get Better in Bed for Guys: Make Her Want You

Have you ever wondered how to get better in bed for guys and make women want you?

Making women want you isn’t as difficult as you would assume based on what you’ve seen on TV and in movies. You do not need to win a race, make lots of money, or get a makeover (but if you can, don’t let me stop you!). However, you must have a basic understanding of what you are doing — what women need — and how to effectively provide it to them.

If you’re a typical guy going about his business, you’d be excused for believing that women are too preoccupied with their lives to notice anybody or anything else. But the truth is that women, similar to men, have crushes, are smitten, and fall for someone who can connect with them on a deeper level.

Women aren’t simply attracted to male models. Women are not fantasizing about guys on reality TV; they think about real men in their actual life.

Knowing how to get better in bed for guys and making women want you are not about being the world’s most fantastic man. Rather, it is about being the most incredible man in the room. Here’s how you can do it:

Get Your Style Handled

Take some steps to improve your style, such as investing in a well-fitting, trendy attire or two that you can use when you go out on dates with women. You will be well on the way if you get a trendy haircut and some stylish facial hair from a decent salon in your area.

Become a Sexy Man

Sexiness is a combination of your physical appearance, facial expressions, voice tone and body language, eye contact, and the phrases you use — or don’t use. That’s a lot, and it requires a while to get it set up, but when you do, it’ll automatically add to your brownie points. Making women desire you is perhaps the most difficult to work on and practice, but it’s also among the most vital in the dating world.

Look at Women Like You Want Them

Unlike the people who will say to keep things neutral and indirect, I will tell you to truly look at the girl as though you desire them — to gaze at them with liquid, dreamy eyes that they could lose themselves in.


Give Her Understanding

Do your best to make sure that you understand girls and how they think. Particularly when you are making them open up about themselves and tell you all sorts of personal information regarding their dreams, expectations, and hopes, they will begin shutting down if they begin feeling like you are not relating to or following them.

Alternatively, if you are making it obvious that you understand where they are coming from – regardless if you really do, or you still have to ask for clarity to get women in helping you get where they are coming from — they will feel very related to you, to a point women normally never do with other guys. They will have increased desire for you.

Be Relatable

Understanding her is only one side of the coin; making her understand you is just as important too. Avoid conversations and topics that will make her feel like she does not know what you are speaking about or couldn’t relate to it; she will only wind up feeling like you are two different individuals who do not connect.

If you want to know how to boost your sex life and to find as much common ground as there is and paint all the experiences — even those she has not shared in her life — in the most relatable way that you can, you see that she gets more and more engrossed in relating to you, knowing more about you, and seeing you as a desirable, attractive man.