How to Become a Successful Stripper?

There’s a great deal that goes into being a successful professional dancer, for example, attires, packages, pole methods, etc. It all loop with your hustle as well as you can’t have one, an excellent appearance, without the other, hustle. The actual “dance” is a simple component.


With an old pander, I had an eye-opening discussion on a slow-moving evening near the beginning of my career in adult club Houston. He went down some significant reality bombs that made my eyes open to what it takes to make money at a strip club.

  • FACT BOMB 1 

You are an exotic dancer. Resemble one!

These people enter into this joint to see exotic as well as naked women. As well as by “unique” we mean females who don’t look like the females in their lives.

We’re speaking long, moving the hair, acrylics in a vibrant shade, beat face, banging bodies, etc.

Look, it’s a little difficult to hear, but it’s the reality. All bodies are beautiful, natural is lovely, but that’s not what the majority of these people are trying to find.

They’re searching for women like the ones they comply with on IG. The trick that you have to different. These women are a fantasy. So, your job is to play your component as well as feed into the dream if you intend to make the large bags.

  • FACT BOMB 2 

Your clothing does matter. Being naked of around 70% isn’t going to help it, what you do carry needs to be on point.

Now you’re possibly rolling your eyes at this believing that you can earn money in anything and the outfit doesn’t matter. But if you’re trying to press every last dollar out of a change at a club, then you’ll take this suggestion. Everything makes a difference.