What girls really want has been one of the most frustrating questions men have asked themselves for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The reason behind this is the unique and individual criteria for picking a partner of every single woman. Hence, there is no universal approach to understanding and meeting the criteria of every woman. Attempting to do this will often be confusing and demoralizing.

However, there are a few universal qualities that appeal to most women regardless of how charming your smile is or how tall you are. Most of these qualities can be developed inwardly. Here are a few qualities to develop if you want to be the guy that every girl wants.

  1. DEVELOP A POSITIVE PERSONALITY: When it comes to inward qualities, developing a positive brand or personality is crucial. There are a few ways that you can build a positive personality.
    • Confidence: Better self-worth, preventing anxiety, attaining better happiness in life, and stress level reduction are some of the endless benefits of developing a confident personality. A few ways of developing this amazing trait is portraying confidence by displaying good posture. To achieve this, you will need to smile and make eye contact. Avoid fidgeting or crossing your arms or legs. Stand or sit straight. This is one of the most crucial pieces of first date advice for guys.
    • Focus on your strengths: This does not imply that you should talk more about yourself. However, there are special characteristics that make you stand out. This is the time to focus on what makes you attractive to people and bring out those traits. They can be your good points, skills, talents, or a mixture of them all. Make a list of the traits that make people enjoy your company and have them look forward to meeting you again.
  2. ADD SOME ADVENTURES TO YOUR PORTFOLIO: Yes! You read right. Girls are often interested in hearing stories of the exciting things that you have seen and done. They are often interested in the possibility of experiencing them with you. Before you go about telling a date some of your adventurous stories, make sure they are not only exciting to you. Sharing a boring adventure with a girl will present you to her as a boring or weird guy. However, it does not eliminate the need to try new things like sports, food, or travels. Explore the richness of new cities and cultures. This will give you a lot of exciting things to talk about. In fact, it will give the girl the desire to experience this fun-filled life with you. Avoid living your life only for women. This means that you should still make enough time to do the things that you enjoy the most in life.
  3. GET A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR: Everyone loves a good laugh. We enjoy hanging around people that can help reduce our stress levels by giving us things to laugh and be merry about. So does every girl. On the other hand, it is important to develop the ability to take a good joke too, especially if it’s about you. Avoid jokes that are mean-hearted. Stay clear of complicated jokes and most importantly, be yourself when sharing them.