How to ask a woman for sex? 

When you want to have sex with a woman, then you just can’t walk up straight to her and ask her for sex. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before you want to have sex with a woman. 

An experiment was conducted where a woman walked up to 100 men and asked for sex where most of the men responded positively. The same experiment was conducted with a man walking up to 100 women and asking for sex. He ended up getting slapped from most of them. Follow these steps one by one if you find a woman attractive and wish to have sex with her. There are websites like where it doesn’t get tough to ask a woman for sex as the ones who have registered are looking for sex. 

  • Ask her for a date 

You are at a bar and you find a woman extremely attractive, then ask her for a date first before making the next move. When she agrees for the date, take her for a candlelight dinner where the place is calm and you can have long conversations for hours together. 


  • Ask the right questions 


Make eye contact and don’t start asking questions about her sex life all at once. Ask questions in a way that shows you are interested in knowing more about her than her body. These days, brains are the new sexy. When you start appreciating a woman’s brain and for what she is, she gets attracted to you much easier. Don’t look at her with lustful eyes all the time. It is also good to have great eye contact. 


  • Kiss her as she leaves


Kiss her on the forehead as she leaves and this will make her stay. 

You can make the next move and try having sex with her that night. These are some ways by which you can persuade a woman to have sex with you.