How she likes to be fucked-Everything you must know.


Cooing and wooing a girl is a skill almost every male has perfected, if not in high school, college, or at least once in their lifetime. However, when it comes to fucking, it is an entirely different ball game.

More than ever, the complaint of dissatisfying sex amongst women is surging every day. This popular trend has left many puzzled with the question, “how to fuck her the way she loves?” So far, not many have answered this question, and in a bid to answer this question, many are turning to the internet; who knows, consuming free porn for women contentmight be the perfect magic wand!

In this post, we unravel the different ways your woman would like to be fucked. And share basic knowledge of some old methods of foreplay and why many men cling to them and the future of sexual fantasy.

Old moves that piss her off

The world of sexual fantasy has evolved. Some stunning sexual moves that were the magic wand to her sexual climax may no longer turn her on. But sadly, lots of men are clinging to it. If you’re probably one, you need to sit back and enjoy some free porn for women content or, better still, read this post.

Here are some old moves that might piss her off;

Constant moaning

Making loud sounds is not a guy thing, and when you do that in bed, you piss her off. She wants you to take the kingly role and make her scream and moan like never before.

Delving straight into the vagina

Delving straight into her vagina sends the wrong signals to her and is the wrong approach to sex. Spice up your sexual experience with foreplay, massage, dirty talks, etc. And if you have a problem with this, you could check out the free porn for womencategory.

Going Narcissist

Have you ever heard the quote that said, “she wants to be pampered?” This is so true even in bed. She wants foreplay, gentle stroking, and liking. But when you begin to go the villain’s way, piercing her and inflicting bruises like BDSM, you piss her off. If you’re in that category, you probably need to spend more time watching the free porn for women category.

Fucking her the way she loves

Cooing is one thing, and fucking her is another; the latter you do it your way; the other, you have to give it to her the way she wants it. Here are some cool steps that could turn her on;

Stroke the clitoris

Turn her on with intense strokes on her clitoris. That C-spot gives her unbelievable joy. With the finger, toys, or boner, make sure you enjoy stroking her intricately.

Change Position

Nothing pleases her more than hitting her from different positions. From doggy style to the Froggie style, give it to her from different angles.

Rub her Nipples

More than her vagina, women want their boobs to be tolled with, sucked and stroked. Never miss out! Rub off her nipples, and enjoy an impeccable sexual experience.

Don’t forget cunnilingus.

Don’t forget to take a break from penetration and use the tongue to stimulate her endogenous zones.

Talk dirty

She loves the dirty talk. Whisper in her earssweet things like “nice ass,” “hot pussy”, and you would be amazed to see how wonderful your sexual experience would be.