How do you prepare for your appointment?

Meeting up with an escort can be stressful when you are not fly prepared. There are a few things you should check before you meet a high-class escort. These three things are:

  • Rates
  • Type of escort
  • Service

Once you are guaranteed these three, you can go ahead and contact the VIP London escort agency.

Now that you have confirmed everything and made the booking, how do you prepare to meet with the escort? Follow the tips below to have a successful meeting with your companion.


You must be clean; there is no shortcut. Take a shower first. Make sure you clean your private parts thoroughly. Do not forget to brush your teeth; it is equally important. Your hygiene determines the level of participation the escort will participate with you. If your breath smells, you reduce the chances of your companion, allowing you to kiss her. Groom your feet and hands as well. Do not be a turn off by showing up to your meeting with long and dirty fingernails.

Wear clean underwear

Always put on clean underwear. Escorts are motivated to go the extra mile when the client is decent. That includes having clean undergarments.


Money matter is vital in any service. Have the cash ready when you meet up with the escort. Most escorts like to be paid in cash. You know how much the service costs, so carry the correct amount. You can also tip her if you liked the service. Put the money in an envelope and leave it where the escort can easily see it.

Clean up

If you are receiving the escort at your place, you should try and clean up. Make the area look neat and tidy. Make sure your bed is made up, you have clean towels, and the toilet is also decent. Temperature and music should be just right. You can also have romantic candlelight. With all these in place, there is no way your night will go wrong.

Get dressed

Dress like you are going for a date. If the escort is coming to your place, make an effort to wear something beautiful. Do not show up at the door with a bathrobe. There is more to being with the escort than just having fun in the bedroom. You can show her that by making an effort of getting dressed. A high-class escort offers more than only bedroom service.