Can Escorting Be Considered a Real Job?

While some still tout sex work as a less than reputable career, west London escorts speak out about what it’s actually like to work for a London escorting agency.

Often considered the “oldest profession in the world”, contemporary attitudes towards sex work definitely shows that not everything improves with age. Even with continued educative efforts of major humanitarian groups like the World Health Organization, positivity towards UK escorting is sorely lacking.

That being said, consider the average day of many top-level escorts in London: They have full schedules they must adhere to. They have to keep their bodies, wardrobes, and health on point. Many have vigorous exercise routines. All high level escorts with UK escorting agencies have to be well mannered and well read, which means that many of them are continuing an education, or must read enough to at minimum stay up on current events.

Klia escort girl service have just as many responsibilities and work requirements as any other working professional in the nation. As escorting in London is legal and regulated by law, escorts must adhere to the health and safety laws that would frame any other place of work. Still think escorting can’t be considered a real occupation? Keep reading.

What West London Escorts Actually Do

To get the actual information on what exactly it’s like to be an escort in London, we spoke to several top-billed women from Amy’s Escort London. An agency that provides some of the best women to exceptional clientele in the notoriously posh West London. We asked these beautiful women one very simple question, and got some very complicated answers.

“What do you do at work?”

Overwhelming, each and everyone of the girls we spoke with said simply that they “help people.” Each elaboration was indeed different, but ways that firmly convinced us that escorting is indeed a rich profession that is absolutely necessary.

“So many people I meet struggle with self-esteem issues.”

When clients come in, many struggle with problems surround self-image and self-esteem. One west London escort commented, “I see men who are disabled, more mature, overweight. Whatever it is, I meet these genuinely incredible people, who don’t seem to see past what they see in a mirror.”

Coaching clients through these sort of body issues is just an everyday part of escorting in West London. “I think most people believe that only disgusting people, or high-powered psychopaths are the only ones who seek escorting services, but that’s just not true.” Another one quips. The standard client of any west London escort is basically your average joe. They are working men who look towards these creative sex experts for advice and compassion.

“It’s like a spa day for guys.”

In modern day society, the demands on males is definitely high. Learning how to balance being a total gentleman, provider, father, business men, against being a feminist, equal, and home keeper means that our guys are definitely under pressure. “So many of the clients that I see don’t have any outlets. They have no healthy ways to express the incredible amount of stress that they are under.” Many of the women we spoke with said that a massive part of their job was actually just talking to people. “You really have to learn how to listen. So often guys will just dump so many emotions and frustrations onto [West London Escorts], because really they have no other outlets available to them.”

Many of the escorts in west London have to study psychology, and often from a collegiate level. Active listening is massively important in their profession, knowing when not to say anything at all is paramount to the health and happiness of their customers. “At the end of the day, this is a career. I spend each and every appointment fully focused on my client. It’s never as simple or straightforward as ‘just having sex’ there’s always something there that I have to know how to support and discuss.”