Best Booty Pornstar: Your Choices

Men prefer curvy women, but based on the results, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. In fact, the big butts weren’t what they liked the most. Instead, the detail is in the curve that runs from the lower back to the tip of the buttock. The study found that a derrier that draws a 45 degree angle appears to be ideal, no matter how big the girl’s butt is.

Why do guys go crazy with 45 degree asses?

They comment that it all started with primitive men and women. They comment that in prehistoric times, a pregnant woman with the right curves would have an easier time collecting food for her children.

Baby on Board

The secret of the curvature goes from the third to last vertebra in women it is wedge-shaped, which allows the lower back to bend more. This bend in the spine helps the pregnant woman to shift the extra weight to the hips, facilitating movement and reducing back pain. Just the right angle, and the butt takes on that sexy, rounded look! The biggest booty pornstars have that kind of body.

However, in terms of evolution there is another way of looking at sexual selection. What makes us sexy has nothing to do with anything useful to us, except that it helps us attract a good mate and make babies.

  • A curvy-bottomed woman inherits the genes from her curvy mother, and passes them on to her curvy-bottom daughters. But she also inherits from her father the genes that make her like curved bottoms, which she will pass on to her children who will also like curved bottoms.
  • Sure, the woman’s children also inherit half their partner’s genes. And not only do they inherit their father’s eye for a curved butt, but they also carry their mother’s genes to produce a curved butt, which he too will pass on to his daughters.
  • So the genes for a curved butt and for preferring curved butts go hand in hand. And having a sexy butt should help a woman choose the best mate, and thus successfully raise more offspring with, or lovers of, curved butt.

Of course, this process applies to the entire package of traits that make a person sexually attractive, not just the rear end. Hey, a girl is much more than a wobbly butt, or rather, more than wedge-shaped vertebrae from third to last.