Are we heading to ‘Divorce pandemic’ after quarantine days are over?

According to mental health professionals, extend isolation and living very close together for a long time under lockdown, could result in mental health issues, failing relationships, and separation leading to divorce.

Yudum Söylemez, a lecturer of psychology at Istanbul’s Bilgi University is warning that “A divorce pandemic may be around the corner”

Söylemez, who is a family and couples therapist, is explaining that like any stressful situations, current nerve-racking state of life can bring to the surface “underlying marital problems” that otherwise had been hidden.

This situation will bring the couple together if they have a deep connection and understanding of each other. On the other side, any potential problems that were otherwise invisible, will come up. On a daily basis, when all of us is occupied with daily tasks of life, we do not have much time to analyze the level of relationship we have. Today, all issues like getting distanced from each other, losing attraction, or any other marital problems could come up resulting in mutual frustration and serious marital conflicts.

As many family therapists know, numerous couples stay together not because they actually enjoy each other company but because they do not want to go through the troubles of divorce, financial challenges, and difficulties with building a new life. Especially, these reasons are important for families with children.

On a daily basis, what do we do when we face challenges of married life? We just keep ourselves busy with work, chores, running errands, providing to family and children, and just living life. When we find ourselves in this very unique situation, we are forced to see these real problems and actually confront them.

China was the first country that was put in a lockdown, and the first one who gained freedom to go back to a regular life. Little by little, economy is going back, social life is returning to normal. Question is what is happening with marriages of millions of married couples who stayed indoors for several months? Media reports from China is informing that divorce cases are skyrocketed.

Lawyer from Turkey Mr. Ilknur Atış Köylüoğlu expresses his concern on increase of filings for divorce as well. He is stating that even though Turkey in 31 high-population provinces was just on the weekend curfews vs. Wuhan complete lockdown quarantine, country already sees an aftermath affect.

Family therapists and lawyers around the world fear a spike in divorce filings not just after the end of quarantine lockdown but in a long run after normal life will be returning. is the Elite Discreet Married Dating site. This website was designed for married people looking for connection, new passion, and a way to bring spark back to their life through extramarital relations.