All you need to know about maintaining a sex doll

Real sex dolls do provide you all the pleasure you need, but when you buy sex dolls, you must also know how to maintain them. Sex dolls are attractive and long-lasting dolls which help you achieve your wildest desired and fulfil your fantasies. These durable sex dolls are available in various sizes, colors, clothes and what not. However, these dolls must be handled with care. Since these real sex dollsare used for a long period of time, you must keep them clean and hygienic in order to ensure your own health. Here are some tips to maintain your dolls and keep them clean-

  1. After any contact, always clean your sex doll with soap and warm water. If there is any bodily fluid on the doll, please clean it soon afterward with an antibacterial soap.
  2. While cleaning the doll, do not put the head and wig inside the warm water. Clean the face separately with wet cloth and soap.
  3. Wash the wig separately with a shampoo. Let it dry. Avoid using a hair dryer, since it may damage the wig.
  4. Wash the clothes of the real sex doll regularly, using a detergent. Ensure that the clothes are washed softly.
  5. Ensure that you remove make up from the doll’s face every time after using it. Use a wet towel to do so.
  6. After cleaning up the doll, use a dry towel to dry it up. Make sure that you remove all the excess moisture.
  7. Do not use a blow dryer to dry her up. A blow dryer can damage the doll if heat is concentrated on the doll for too long.
  8. If you wish, you may also apply small amounts of baby powder on the doll after drying her up. This removes any excess moisture.
  9. Sexy Sex Doll website provides durable and high-quality silicone real sex dolls, but you must not treat the doll harshly. Avoid throwing the doll, so as to not cause any bumps, scratches or scrapes on the doll.
  10. When the doll is completely dry, store in a cool, dry place. Do not keep it under direct sunlight or in extremely hot or cold conditions.

We hope that you will take good care of your sex doll. Use the above tips to ensure the durability of your sex doll and maintain it for a longer period of time!