Adult Business Trend: Make Money with Your Own Porn Website in 2019

The adult industry is massive and diverse. Like every other niche, this industry too constitutes of the business channels that drive the revenue generation through different sources like eCommerce, video streaming, modeling, advertisement, consultations, software development and much more.

Where do porn Websites fit in the adult market?

Pornographic websites make a major portion of the adult industry. These websites are responsible for distributing erotic and sexually explicit content over the internet and utilize the user-base to generate revenue.

The adult website industry has grown both in terms of porn consumption and the B2B market of the porn site scripts. Over the past 5 years, with the growth of mobile internet, there has been a substantial increase in the user base of porn websites. With the internet becoming faster, media streaming became more accessible, the demand for mobile responsive porn tube scripts has also risen up.

Before that, content creators had to rely on DVDs to sell content and make money. However, with internet-enabled porn website scripts, the creators now have a way to distribute content more easily and also better ways to use additional channels to make more money.

How is the Adult industry in the US?

In the past five years, the adult industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of 10.1% in the US. Today, Porn streaming is a $618 market. This has also encouraged many startups in the zone with about 4.2% increase in the new entrants and a boost of 6.4% in the employment from this industry.

Of course, this has become possible with new and innovative ways to create porn sites. The ready-made porn site scripts have made it easy to set up a porn site in minutes. Without them, we would still be wondering how to create a porn site if you don’t know to code.  

Besides that, if we talk about the revenue channels and what porn websites do to make money, we can classify the same in three major categories:

Professional Porn: Websites purchase the license to stream films and videos produced by professional porn media houses.

Amateur Porn: Websites allow users to upload Amateur porn videos.

Webcam modeling: Websites use live video streaming to broadcast live content directly to the users through webcam.

The browsing behavior of the consumers has also changed drastically over the past few years. Where DVDs were the only media, the trend shifted to online streaming on computers. According to PornHub, 99% of their consumers used computers to browse porn in 2008, which became only 46% in 2014, and then just 25% in 2017. By 2017, 75% of the total porn consumption on Pornhub was just from mobile devices alone.

What are the challenges for an entrant in the porn streaming market?

The business sphere is exposed to opportunities as well as an array of threats like every other business industry. A wise entrepreneur always knows how to tackle the threats, capitalize on the opportunities, and how to make a porn site earn money despite the threats. Let’s identify some threats here-

External competition: In other words, piracy. Websites that enable consumers to stream or download videos illegally are the biggest threat to genuine porn websites. Not just that, these sites utilize an array of malpractices and spamming methods to make money, which collaterally damage the reputation of the authentic sites as well. As a result, it impacts the overall revenue of the actual porn industry reducing the subscription fees.

Weak regulation for piracy in Porn: The Worst part is you can’t find any regulation over the flow of content on the internet. Except for the legal ways to send notice and drag the pirates to court, there is hardly an effective way to take down the pirated content immediately. To attract more business, even the adult website hosting companies do not entertain copyright claims.

What are the opportunities and ways to make money despite the challenges?

Despite these challenges, authentic porn websites not only manage to make good money but also they thrivecolossally. It’s because they devise a strategic approach right from building the porn website to selecting a web host. Porn gives you some great opportunities to grow as a business, you just have to identify the best revenue channel that suits your goals.

1.     Advertisement model: Allow consumers to see the videos for free while you can make money showing them the Ads. There are dedicated Ad networks for porn and adult industry. Advertisers pay huge money to their partner websites. Example: PornTube.

2.     Subscription model: Ask users for a membership subscription to let them access the videos. This model is highly successful in developed countries where consumers don’t mind paying for some high-quality content. Example: Brazzers.

3.     Transaction model: Instead of a subscription plan, you can ask users to pay only for those videos they want to watch. They can purchase individual videos for a cheaper price and watch it as many times. However, this model is not as popular as a standalone way to make money. That’s why you need the next model.

4.     Hybrid model: This one is a more realistic way to make money using a porn site. In fact, the biggest names in the porn industry work on this model itself. They combine both free and premium models where they offer some videos for free while offering a premium membership for more content, better user experience, Ad-free browsing, and other value-added services. Sites like Pornhub and Xvideos work on this model.

Web camming is the new trend to watch out in the porn industry

There was a time when porn magazines rule the market. Then came Video Cassettes, DVDs, and video streaming in the given order. Today, though video streaming is still in great demand, a new trend of webcam modeling is also acquiring heights.

Consumers are loving the real-time interactions with the cam girls and it’s becoming a popular way to make money. Just sign up on a webcam site for free, set up your cam profile, go live and entertain the live users. You don’t have to pay for signing up on most of the cam-sites, neither do they guarantee a salary.  

It’s all about bringing the customers and getting tips from them. A popular cam model on Chaturbate once said she easily makes $20,000 a month. The site keeps some portion as commission and transfers rest in her account. “People want to talk to girls in real-time and they pay huge sums as tips and other ways. If you have the skills, there is no limit to the amount you can make entertaining your audience”, she added.

This niche is growing fast and offering multilateral ways to make money both as a site owner and the model. In fact, it has also given birth to a new profession – Webcam affiliate. Refer a cam girl to work for a site and you would get a cut from all her earnings on the site.

To conclude

The adult industry is huge and there is no shortage of ways to make money. You just have to identify the people who know how to create a porn website that fits in your needs and innovative ideas. I suggest that before breaking into the porn website industry, take some time to research. Identify the niches you can serve, the challenges you might face, and the opportunities you can capitalize on. Based on that, commence your research for the porn tube script tailored according to your kind of business.