9 Relationship Goals to Help You Grow Closer As a Couple

As far as relationships are concerned, old as well as new, they tend to take a lot of work. So outlining your couple goals for the present and future is the biggest thing that will help you find your rhythm together and experience the joys of a happy, smooth-sailing relationship. Not only will this give your relationship a solid foundation, but it will also help manage expectations for the future. 

Without further ado, listed below are 9 essential goals you can work on to grow closer as a couple:

  1. Communicate: Honesty in communication eliminates any space for negativity, overthinking or insecurities to creep in and ensures you and your partner feel safe with each other. From issues like fights to physical intimacy, you will always have the best result only with open communication.
  2. Learn Each Other’s Love Language: It is essential to know what your partner needs out of the 5 different love languages: words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch and quality time to feel satisfied and loved in your relationship.  
  3. Mutual Respect: Having respect for each other at all times and under all circumstances is essential to making sure you never make your partner feel threatened. This respect will allow you to have patience in times of conflict and handle difficult situations with peace.
  4. Be Friends: An ancient mantra that you should always try to live by is “be friends first”. The care, love and respect one has for a friend should always be mirrored in a healthy relationship to be able to both joke around and get serious when the situation calls for it.
  5. Understand Them Without Judgement: Honest communication in a relationship cannot occur if you do not actively work on creating a safe, judgement-free space for them to express their feelings. Whenever they share, do your best to listen calmly and only offer solutions when asked.
  6. Maintain Your Individuality: A common mistake many make in relationships is to get so caught up in their partner that they lose all their individuality. While it is imperative to make your relationship a priority, it is just as important, if not more, to make yourself a priority. Take space and give yourself much-needed me-time to check in with yourself!
  7. Keep it Interesting: After a while, it is common for relationships to start feeling monotonous and boring, so make sure you do your best to keep things interesting. For example, taking a day off work for a date, planning a spontaneous vacation, doing a couple of activities or even simple texts throughout the day can go a long way.
  8. Never Stop Trying to Woo Them: Another important note to keep in mind is never to let your partner feel like you are taking them for granted. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve been together, treat your relationship like it’s new and never stop trying to win them!
  9. Don’t Go to Bed Angry: Fights and misunderstandings are bound to happen; there is no way around it. However, it is totally on you to resolve them and avoid a lot of unnecessary stress that comes with stretching arguments thin over issues of pride or ego.

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