10 Gay Dating Tips for the New Age

The first date plays a crucial role in the future relationship of the couple, and therefore it is especially important that this meeting is the best of many others. If you want your first date to be successful, you need to prepare for it. With the right approach, your dating skills can turn a banal rendezvous into a fairy tale. With proven techniques, you can win over your crush by knowing how to keep the conversation going.

Do your best

Do not come to the meeting in a stained T-shirt that you wore all day or with torn hair. It will only show that you treat your potential partner with disrespect and that you don’t care about the date. Get dressed, put on your favorite perfume and put on your favorite shirt. This will leave a nice impression and also increase your self-confidence.

Present yourself

Of course, you always need to remain yourself and be extremely honest, but self-promotion, or the ability to present yourself correctly, is a whole art! In addition, this is another important point that needs to be treated with special attention. Think in advance about what you will talk about, and most importantly – how.

Collect and analyse information

Before the date, you need to collect relevant or even unique information about a potential partner. Music, friends, favourite places, photos in the microblog – all this will tell a lot about him. For example,  in the proven gay matchmaker New York database you can find all the information about your date. So, if you are not sure where to find the one, they are here for you.

Dont make it all about you

 A potential partner should be the centre of your attention – watch him, listen more, look into his eyes, smile … Make sure that you listen and not just talk about yourself. It is rude, and not just on the first date.


It’s no secret that the most memorable conversations and secret desires of the interlocutor are revealed through improvisation. Despite your talent for keeping in mind all the significant information about your date (travel, favourite cuisine and directors), let the interlocutor relax. Ask him about the craziest act, about the most memorable day in his life, about a global dream – perhaps in this answers, you will see the real him.


An easy and casual conversation takes place in conditions of comfort and freedom. How can you create such an atmosphere? First of all, you need to go on a first date in a good mood. A light smile and a good sense of humour in really funny moments will add charm to the first date and relax both interlocutors.


Believe me, he will appreciate it. Empathise, agree, ask interesting questions. Your goal is to get as much information as possible, to understand the motives and goals of your date. Perhaps they will be far from your ideals and plans for the near future, or maybe vice versa …

Give time to reboot

Surely you came from the first date in complete confidence in your victory. But don’t be overjoyed in advance. Take a break from the meeting, talk with colleagues or friends, or better take a walk in the park and get some air. The most important information will come to you after a while … Only later will you be able to evaluate both yourself and your man.

Listen to your intuition

So, you got a call back, a nice message came, and you are internally ready for the next date. Listen to yourself,  and try to formulate your feelings – is it warmth, attention, or just interest?

Prepare for your next date

A new meeting is a movement towards each other. Therefore, before you open your true self, come up with an idea for a deeper acquaintance with your other half.

You can go to the premiere of a play, get out of town or ride a bike in one of the parks. The feeling of joy and satisfaction from a new date is your main achievement.


On the first date, a relaxed atmosphere is important. You can go to the cinema, theatre, circus … Then you will not be alone, there will be no excessive stress and excitement. Also, this way you will have a main topic of conversation, a lead. Good luck!